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Identify Initiator

Identify your initiating application.

Bridge Applications

Seemlessly pass data in between applications.

Drop to Target

Process the action on the target application.


Use the processed data

Forkge And Connect Your Apps

Gmail: Initiator recieved a new email

Google Drive: Target Copy the attachment to the team account

Gmail: Target will email team of the changes

Immediately kickstart your task

Within seconds integrate to various API services.

Reduce routinary work

Automate data extraction, recording, notification and
various processes by integrating your api services.

Worry free api changes

No need to worry about new feature enhancements and
api upgrades. Upgrades will be handle by forkge, tested
and releable api interfaces for your usage.

Connect Apps in Seconds

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Customized your platform by having dedicated and regionalized services.

  • Flexible plans
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Recommended Forks

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Fork Name API Connections Last Run Live
Github auto Slack Notification 2016-06-30 00:15:00         
Gmail filtered emails to Dropbox 2016-06-30 00:15:00         
My Transport data extend to Firebase 2016-06-30 00:15:00         

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When email is recieved?
Based on a given filter? important | has tag name
When a new file is added?
2. Choose Application
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